Global Theme: Accreditation: Delivering confidence in Health and Social Care

Johannesburg, 3 June 2015 – The 9th June 2015 is World Accreditation Day. A joint initiative by the International Accreditation Forum (IAF) and the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC), World Accreditation Day aims to raise awareness of the importance of industry accreditations.

The 2015 theme focuses on how accreditation can support the improved delivery of health and social care around the world.

This year the South African National Accreditation System’s (SANAS’s) World Accreditation Day celebrations will take place at Capital Moloko Hotel in Sandton, Johannesburg, from 08:00. The invited attendees include representatives from government, industry and stakeholders within the health and social care sector as well as related industries.

Effective provision of health and social care is one of the greatest challenges facing the world today. Due to an every growing global population and increased life expectancy, together with the need to supply consistent and cost-effective health and social care, the industry will only grow in scale and complexity. To this end, the health and social care sector strives for excellence through achieving a balance of quality, economic, social and environmental outputs. Health and social care excellence is driven by the need to provide confidence in the delivery of a competent service to patients, families, regulators and commissioners.

Accreditation within the health and social care sector supports this assurance. It provides an essential tool enabling healthcare providers to demonstrate that they have completed a rigorous process; ensuring patients consistently receive high quality services, delivered by competent staff working in safe environments.

SANAS has various programmes in place that support the proficient delivery of health and social care within the country. Currently there is a pool of 311 medical laboratories, 106 blood transfusion services and several inspection bodies that inspect diagnostic imaging machinery such x-rays and MRI, Ultrasound and CT scan equipment.

This pool of competent conformity assessment bodies supports health and social care excellence in South Africa, with the ultimate goal of ensuring confidence in the delivery of services to patients, families, regulators and government. This, in turn, ensures that healthcare providers can operate with confidence within the system.

SANAS is currently working with the Department of Health to develop an accreditation programme for certification of medical devices. This will ensure support for the South African medical device industry in future.