The recent challenges in the Electricity Supply Industry has necessitated the Department of Energy (DoE) to encourage consumers of electrical energy to use energy more efficiently by providing a tax incentive to those that can prove objectively that they have made a saving in terms of energy consumed over a specified period of time. This objective evidence will be provided by Accredited Measurement and Verification Bodies (M&Vs).
SANAS conducted a workshop on the accreditation process for energy efficiency savings. The requirements for Accreditation in this area were discussed, and interested parties and potential M&V’s seeking to become accredited were invited to attend the workshop. Following are the presentations that were presented during the workshop:

Overview of SANAS
Relationship between the dti and SANAS
Compliance vs Competence
SATS50010:2010 – Measurement and Verification of Energy Saving
Tax Incentives
Overview of 17020 and Accreditation Requirements (TR81)
Process to apply for accreditation
Annexure 1 – Accreditation Process