The following document lists the SANAS Approval Committee (AC) Members per area of accreditation:
SANAS Approval Committee Members

Approval Committee members will not be used to AC an assessment pack where:

• The AC member/s were part of the assessment team of the pack being AC'd;
• The organisation rejects a specific AC members/s to AC the pack, with valid reasons;
• The AC member/s is employed at the organisation of the pack being AC'd;
• The AC member/s was employed at the organisation of the pack being AC'd within the last 2 years;
• SANAS is aware of conflicts of interest between the AC member and the organisation being AC'd.

All members of the SANAS AC are required to maintain confidentiality concerning SANAS and facility matters discussed or obtained at AC meetings and not to use information for commercial gain.

Members of the AC meetings shall declare relevant relationships they have, or have had (within the last 2 years) with any organisation on the AC agenda and any potential conflicts of interest.

For more information on the SANAS Approval Committee processes and terms of reference, refer to SANAS document P 20 "The Responsibilities and Duties of the Approval Committees and Field Managers in the Approval and Decision on Accreditation"