Scopes of Accreditation &

(SANAS Document)

Accreditation Standard/


Voluntary or Regulatory Domain Covered by: Validity period of Certificate of Accreditation  

Accreditation is granted for:

Testing Laboratories


ISO/IEC 17025 Voluntary ILAC MRA 5 years ·  Tests performed on specified materials or products to specified test methods;


·  Techniques – for specified instrument(s) using specific chemical and / or physical methods, to identify and / or determine a physical property of a material or species contained within.


Medical Laboratories


· ISO 15189 Voluntary ILAC MRA 4 years Tests performed on human biological materials to specified test methods.


Calibration Laboratories


ISO/IEC 17025 Voluntary ILAC MRA 5 years ·   Specified types of measurements performed, measurement range and calibration and measurement capability (CMC).


·   The transfer of traceability from national standards.


Certification Bodies




ISO/IEC 17021 and IAF mandatory documents, as applicable


Voluntary IAF MLA 3 years ·   QMS Certifiers for certifying organisations to ISO 9001.

·   EMS Certifiers for organisations to ISO 14001.

·   Hazards Critical Control Points (HACCP) certified to SANS10330.

·   Food Safety Management System (FSMS) certified to ISO/IEC 22000

·   Occupational Health and Safety System (OHSAS) certified to ISO/OHSAS 18001


National  or International Programme 3 years ·   Responsible Tourism certified to SANS 1162

·   Risk Based Inspection (RBI) certified to specific standards in SANS 347

·   Energy Management Systems (EnMS) certified to ISO/IEC 50001

ISO/IEC 17024 and

IAF Mandatory documents


Voluntary Not signatory to IAF 3 years Personnel Certifiers for certification of persons

ISO/IEC 17065, and any relevant IAF mandatory documents


Voluntary IAF MLA 3 years Certifiers for certifying products, processes or services in accordance with various national and international standards as specified by the Certification Scheme  (E.g.: Globalgap  and GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative)



ISO/IEC 14065 and IAF mandatory documents, where applicable



Voluntary Not signatory to IAF 3 years Greenhouse Gas (GHG) certified to ISO/IEC14065
GLP / GCP Facilities




OECD Principles of GLP / VICH Principles of GCP


Voluntary OECD 2 years GLP compliance monitoring, according to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Principles of Good Laboratory Practice for facilities conducting non-clinical environmental health and safety studies


Blood Transfusion Laboratories


ISO/IEC 17025


Voluntary National Programme 4 years
Proficiency Testing (PT) Providers



·  ISO/IEC 17043


Voluntary No 4 years The operation of PT schemes
Producers of Certified Reference Materials (CRM)



·  ISO Guide 34

·  (ISO/IEC 17025 a prerequisite)


Voluntary No 5 years The production and assignment of property values of CRM


Inspection Bodies



· ISO/IEC17020 and/or the National Standards specific to the field of inspection


Voluntary / Regulatory ILAC MRA


National Programme


4 years ·   The performance of inspections in a

·   specified field, e.g.:

Gas Test Station;  Major Hazard Installation;  Food Inspection;  Textiles, Clothing, Leather and Footwear;  PER – Manufacturing;  PER – In-service;  Legal Metrology Inspection;  Explosives;  Electrical Inspection (Regulation R242);  Gaming and Gambling;  X-Ray Equipment;  Automotive Inspection;  Electrotechnical (NRCS);  Energy Efficiency;  Occupational Hygiene Inspection;  Construction Inspection;  Lift Inspection;  Abattoir Inspection;  Steel Structure Inspection


Verification Laboratories



SANS 10378

NRCS requirements

Regulatory National Programme 4 years Verification of measurement instruments used for trade.

Note: Laboratories assessed to SANS 10378 are not allowed to perform commercial calibrations to ISO/IEC 17025 unless their accreditation certificate specifically indicates they are accredited for this.  The Regulator recognised this exclusion.


Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment  (BBBEE) Verification


SANAS R47 and competence to the BBBEE Codes of Good Practice.


Regulatory National programme 3 years Accreditation is granted for Verification Agencies verifying an organisation’s compliance to the BBBEE codes and the sector codes.