Thank you for the interest shown in the activities of SANAS. Please contact one of the following persons:


Linda Bam
Team Assistant for Inspection
Work Phone: (012) 394 3006
Categories: Inspection Bodies
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Irene Kali
Team Assistant: Inspection Bodies
Work Phone: (012) 394 3769
Categories: B-BBEE Verification Agencies, Blood Transfusion Laboratories, Veterinary, Pharmaceutical & Forensic Laboratories, Certification Bodies
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Mabatho Malepe
Team Assistant: Calibration, Mechanical & Physical Testing Laboratories
Work Phone: (012) 394 3785
Categories: Calibration Laboratories, Mechanical and Physical Testing Laboratories
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Nyiko Nkhwashu
Team Assistant: Chemical & Microbiological Testing Laboratories
Work Phone: (012) 394 3766
Categories: Testing Laboratories – Chemical, Microbiological & GLP/GCP
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Shiela Skosana
Team Assistant: Medical Laboratories
Work Phone: 012 394 3849
Categories: Medical Laboratories
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Emelda Udensi
Team Assistant: Verification Laboratories
Work Phone: 012 394 3791
Categories: Verification Laboratories
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